There’s an endless supply of wonder and fascination in the natural world. Drawing it, and telling stories about nature is my personal response to something deep within me.

Nature and art have always been important to me. Drawn Into Nature came about through wanting to connect with others like me. My love for the natural world led me to a career where I helped people to engage with nature and wildlife. In my spare time I’ve always walked and watched, drawn and painted, or gardened ….

When I discovered the world of journaling, it was a natural progression to begin keeping a traditional nature journal, like my idols Edith Holden and Beatrix Potter. A few years ago I had the chance to make a new start; to show other people the wonders of being outside, and engaging fully with the world around us. I hope to widen those connections here and spread the joy that nature and art have brought me.

Our modern lives are so frantic, often filled with noise, busywork, and negative stress. I’m on a journey to slow down and simplify; concentrate on experiences rather than things, (try to) worry less, be more grateful, and kind. Sometimes I take two (or three) steps backwards, but I’m trying to keep going. Nature is a great healer, teacher and an inspiration to me. Through my journals, I try to be an advocate for the earth, and all it’s life forms.

I live near Bristol in the beautiful South West of England, with my partner, and Badger, our black and white rescue cat. Unlike me, she’s an indoor creature who’s really not at all keen on going outside, (unless escorted by a human servant) and is afraid of birds and squirrels! The ideal cat for a nature journaler!

I love to hear from kindred spirits, so if you have any questions, or want to chat, please…