Drawn Into Nature came about through wanting to connect with other people like me.  I've loved nature for as long as I can remember. Volunteering and my love for the natural world, (and saving the planet) led me to being offered a career where I helped people to engage with nature for over 25 years.

I've drawn and sketched outdoors for a long time, but, some years ago I discovered nature journalling, and I knew straight away that this was what I wanted to do! Well, I say I discovered it, but I'd always loved Beatrix Potter, Edith Holden, and Marianne North;  I just didn't quite see myself in the same company as those wonderful artists and naturalists before!  So I began to develop my own way of journalling - which I'm still doing, learning every day. Illustrating  and writing about what I see in nature, and how I feel about it, is my response to something deep inside. I find it much harder to draw without words now...

Historically, I come from a long line of gardeners; I started in my teens. Not very cool, but convention's never been my thing. Our wildlife garden is my special place, created over the last 10 years from an area of couch grass, nettles and brambles. We've only had power out there in the last few years, so it really has been a labour of love, in more ways than one! Now we have a variety of native plants, shrubs, and trees providing colour and interest for us; and food and shelter all year round for a host of regular visitors. Anyone who's keen can make some changes to help wildlife in their garden, and it's so worthwhile!

Despite finding such joy through nature I want to slow down in the rest of my life, and learn to be more mindful, and grateful! Life today is frantic, It's easy to feel frustrated and angry.  We're constantly pressurised by our 'instant' society, and this can often lead to feelings of doubt, anxiety, loss - and isolation.  Humans are social animals. We need connection, not only to each other, but to life itself.

Recent research has proved what many of us already knew instinctively.  Nature is good for us; it makes us happier, more grateful people! (When I don't go outside, cries of  'You're so bad-mooded!' tell me it's time to  do just that, and reconnect!)   By adding the benefits of creativity to being in nature, whether it's drawing, writing, or even taking photographs, we increase and enhance our opportunities for happiness.

Drawn Into Nature is still me encouraging people of all ages to engage with the natural world, but in a new and creative way.  

If you have any questions, or want to know more, please get in touch!