"We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us."

- Jenny Uglow


Wildlife Gardening

Every  outdoor space, from the largest garden to a window box, can provide food and homes for nature.  Making our gardens wildlife friendly doesn’t mean they become a wilderness, or a jungle.  You can still have a beautiful plot. You don't need to start from scratch, either, just making some small changes in your exisiting garden can make a big difference to the animals who visit.

A wildife friendly garden is a wonderful resource if you have little ones in the family. It's a safe and special place for them to learn about nature, and I believe you can never start too young!  Most children will love helping to make homes and provide food for their garden visitors. It's a great way  for them to learn about plants and animals, find out how things grow, and  discover the changing seasons,  because  it's all happening in their garden.  That sense of ownership and connection is important for everyone involved. Grown ups will have fun too!  You'll be encouraged to look things up and learn more about them,  because - they're  yours. That usually leads to more interaction and connection with nature in a wider sense, as you discover what a great feeling that sense of belonging is.

There's such excitement seeing the first green shoots burst through the earth, finding you have a hedgehog visiting  for the first time - or  maybe watching a family of blue tits (chickadees) taking their first fluffy steps in the outside world.   You'll be surprised, and quite possibly amazed, by what goes on in your patch, once you start looking more closely. 

Making your garden more wildife friendly is is easy; both we and nature benefit, so it's win win!

Garden friends


 “The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.”

— Elizabeth Lawrence