Do you love the natural world? Maybe you're a gardener, or you feed the birds?  You could be a hiker, or someone who takes smaller family members for walks in the park. Or perhaps you love to watch nature documentaries and think that being more engaged would be great, but you don't know quite where to begin.

Even if you're regularly connecting with nature, do you sometimes feel time is just rushing by, and what you really want to do is just slow down and enjoy the moment?  Would you like to live a more connected and creative life?  

I've felt this way for quite some time; so I decided to do something about it!

Join me on my journey, using the wonder and joy of nature as the focus for travel.

Through connecting with the natural world we can:

  • find out what's really on our doorstep
  • follow the seasons - wherever we live
  • look at the details
  • see wonder in the ordinary
  • be present- and enjoy the experience
  • cherish our recorded memories 
  • have fun

and engage creatively with nature to help us live more contented, grateful and happier lives!

Come and be Drawn Into Nature!


Wildlife Journal


Learn alongside me as I create my Nature Journal and Wildlife Garden Diary, and create a personal record of your nature connections and stories!

Little Wild Patch

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Find out what's happening through the seasons in my little wild patch  - and discover ways to make your garden more friendly to nature's visitors!

happy through nature

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Nature's therapy is available to everyone  - and it's free! Discover how the natural world helps our mental and physical well being, and can make us more mindful, grateful and happier,