I’m Jules, artist, naturalist and storyteller. I’m trying to live a more creative, connected and caring life. It’s not always a straightforward path, but nature is my inspiration. I record my experiences in a nature journal; my personal response to the natural world, where I share stories of the things I find, and the wildlife I encounter.

There’s so much pressure and worry in our lives today. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, and what you really want to do is forget the pressure, slow down, be present; and just enjoy the moment. 

Simply through the wonder of being in nature, and the power of creativity; engaging more deeply with the natural world can help you feel happier, and more connected. I’d like to encourage more people to begin their own visual nature journal. It’s not hard to do, and - you don’t need to be able to draw. That comes over time, and it’s a fun and inspiring journey.

Simply spending time observing and connecting with nature is the key. You might choose to take a camera, or write about your thoughts and encounters, or take time to just be….

Whatever your interest, if you’d like to slow down and connect more deeply with our natural world, then I’d love to have you join me on this journey - as we all get….. Drawn Into Nature!

These are the things which are important to me……



Here I keep a personal record of my connections, encounters and stories about nature.


Nature is everywhere, but it’s fun finding your own special, local places to connect and follow the seasons through your own little patch.

That We, are Nature

Nature is good for us. It enhances our mental and physical well being, but, in turn, we need to play our part in protecting and conserving life on earth.

Notes from Nature

Notes from Nature is for nature lovers who want to be more engaged, and in tune, with the natural world. There are ideas for connecting with nature, journaling ideas, and ways to help wildlife. You’ll also find tips for well being, slower paced, sustainable living, and little acts of kindness. Delivered to your in box every month or so.