Squirrel Antics

IMG_20180322_184221951 (1).jpg

I suspect a lot of you are watchers, and probably feeders, of the visitors to your garden. One of the favourite guests to our feeding stations are grey squirrels. Yes, they can do a lot of damage; we continually need to replace our peanut dispensers, and rescue tulip bulbs,  but what fun they are to watch! If I'm feeling a bit low on a gloomy day, these characters never fail to cheer me up with their wonderful games and acrobatics.

Who needs a sports channel for entertainment? ' The Squirrel Games' are much more exciting - and there are no adverts!

'A tense time this afternoon, as Attila, the largest grey, faces the new, super squirrel proof feeder.  There's been a serious training regime this week. We've watched him in the pear tree, preparing himself for this leap to the far feeding pole. If he makes this jump it'll be  a new record and a personal best.... good grief,  he's off!

This is incredible! He climbs, he pivots up and down, he shakes his tail - oh, he's at the bottom of the feeder! He's climbing the pole, he's searching - he's searching -  and he's found a gap!  The teeth are going in, and he's clinging on for dear life! Peanuts are streaming out and the crowd is going wild! They thought it was all over... ' 

What film or tv drama could compare to this!? 

Our local wood is home to an awful lot of grey squirrels. If I sit quietly I can often watch them for quite a long time. This lot were rather laid back, and I managed a few sketches to work up a page in my journal. I heartily recommend a bit of squirrel spotting, it really lifts your mood!