Connecting with Nature - wherever you are!

One of my intentions with Drawn Into Nature is to get more people drawing and keeping a sketchbook record of their journey. Why? Well, you'll probably have realised I’m passionate about art and nature, and I love to share with like minded people!

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There are other reasons too, one of which is that close observation takes you to a whole new level about how you see the world.  Nothing is ordinary, is one of my favourite sayings! Everyday things and occurrences become interesting, exciting and beautiful, when you look at them from a different perspective.

For example, walking down the street, you feel yourself getting annoyed again; because ‘those repairs have still not been done by the local authority!’ then you notice a patch of tiny green plants. They’ve pushed their way through a crack in the concrete, forming a tiny, fairy garden on the roadside.  

In the middle of the day, you cut an apple for your lunch; as it falls open, you see how amazing it is inside!

It’s late; you finally sat down ready to begin watching that film you’ve been waiting to see, and you realise you forgot to water your houseplants! Feeling guilty, and possibly a bit cross, up you get, with a sigh. Then suddenly you stop, mid water flow, as you find yourself really looking at each plant, the structure, texture, and form; and realise it’s pretty fantastic.

There’s so much ‘stuff’ going on in our lives, and in the world in general. Connecting with nature is something you can do every day to help  cope with all the busy-ness; and to encourage you to be more mindful!  It’s often the little things that can be most inspiring, if you take time to see them. Gazing at the sun setting over mountains, or watching a majestic herd of elephants on the plains are magical and awe inspiring events , but something most of us are not fortunate enough to see regularly! Instead, taking a moment or two to concentrate on the tiny, daily, treasures of nature, can change your focus - and your mindset.

Give it a try! 

Who knows, you may be tempted to pick up a pen or pencil to  capture the moment. I'll talk about starting a journal in the next post from Drawn Into Nature!